Pension fund list of questions

Pension Fund Services 03.09.2021

  1. What interest has the obligatory capital accrued over the last 3 years?
  2. What interest did the supplementary capital accrue?
  3. Are there interest guarantees for the next few years and how high are they?
  4. Which conversion rate applies with the obligatory capital?
  5. Which conversion rate applies with the supplementary capital?
  6. Which measures have been taken against the demographic life expectancy risk?
  7. Which is the extrapolation interest rate for the retirement capital?
  8. Is there a guarantee for risk and administrative costs and for how long?
  9. Who bears the investment risk (full cover yes/no)?
  10. Have surpluses been or will they be credited to the insured persons?
  11. Which is the minimum/maximum duration of contract?
  12. When are the premiums due, in advance / in arrears?
  13. What is the debit interest / credit interest with the premiums?
  14. From which degree of incapacity for work is a pension paid out?
  15. Are benefits also paid out in the event of an accident?
  16. Are the personal purchases paid out additionally/separately to the payout in the event of death?
  17. What is the current cover ratio of the pension facility?
  18. How has the cover ratio developed over the last 5 years?
  19. Which companies/persons are behind the pension facility?
  20. What is the history of these companies/persons?
  21. What is the financial strength of these companies/persons?
  22. How many insured persons does the pension facility have?
  23. How high are the assets managed by the pension facility?
  24. How many pension recipients does the pension facility have?
  25. How high are the ongoing pension obligations?
  26. What is the age structure of the insured persons?
  27. Does free movement apply for changes in pension funds for the employees' health?
  28. Is the pension facility a member of the Swiss Insurance Association?
  29. Which costs are incurred when the insurance contract is terminated?
  30. What happens to the invalidity, old-age and survivors' pensions in the event of a change in pension fund?
  31. How does the pension fund deal with the interest risk; is there a deduction for interest risk in the event of a change in pension fund?
  32. What options are there for online administration?
  33. In which languages are the documents/insurance certificates available?
  34. Are employee information events planned?
  35. Does the pension facility offer retirement planning consultations?
  36. Is the investment strategy communicated in a transparent manner?
  37. Can the fund's board influence the investment strategy?
  38. Can the individual employee influence the investment strategy for his/her retirement capital?
  39. How many companies are affiliated with the pension facility?
  40. What is the market position of the pension facility?

Malick Gueye

Division Manager Manager Restaurant and Hotel Industry & Member of the Executive